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Earth Day 2003 Drawing Contest Winner

Congratulations to Jarett for winning the Airborne Science Earth Day 2003 Drawing Contest. Jarett won three photographs, one of NASA's Airborne Science DC-8 aircraft, two of NASA's Airborne Science ER-2 aircraft, each autographed by pilots and mission managers of the respective aircraft.

Below are all of the drawings submitted by a group of third grade students.

Artist Description
picture drawn by JarettJarett Jarett drew a picture of a solar powered jet.
picture drawn by BreannaBreanna Breanna was concerned with trash she saw in a river.
picture drawn by CalebCaleb Caleb thought NASA should check its rockets for leaks to prevent pollution.
picture drawn by RichardRichard Richard's picture shows two aircraft polluting the air and their fuel tanks leaking. He suggested a machine to separate the fuel from our tap water.
picture drawn by TylerTyler Tyler thought NASA should make a dome under the engines of a rocket to block the gases from polluting the air.
picture drawn by LaurenLauren Lauren's picture shows a machine that cleans up pollution in the ground. The dirt contains jet fuel, dinosaur bones, and other things.
picture drawn by KeeganKeegan Keegan thought that people should stay away from buildings that have chemicals that can hurt them. The people that can take the chemicals out need to have a special suit like a fireman does.
picture drawn by TylerTyler Tyler's picture is about some people littering and other people cleaning up the trash that is growing.
picture drawn by JenierraJenierra Jenierra's picture is about two people who are special test subjects testing for water pollution.
picture drawn by Zhane'Zhane' Zhane's picture is about a boy and girl swimming in their pond that was cleaned just before they swam.
picture drawn by NicoleNicole Nicole's picture shows that there can be many dirty things in water and that one should clean it before drinking.
picture drawn by NatalieNatalie Natalie thought that NASA is a good help to Earth Day. In her picture, someone is checking the water for pollution and is telling pilots that they need to be careful when they are fueling.
picture drawn by ConnorConnor Connor thinks NASA should check the water everyday to make sure there is no poison.
picture drawn by WhitneyWhitney Whitney thinks people should make sure no one throws any trash, and that water could be cleaned by closing a gate around it and filtering it.
picture drawn by CodyCody Cody's picture shows a man checking soil for oil, jet fuel, and other types of things that poison the air and water.
picture drawn by ValerieValerie Valarie's picture is about someone taking pollution out of the ground.
picture drawn by WesleyWesley Wesley's picture shows machinery used to clean rivers and oceans when they are dirty. It also shows what could happen if you don't clean the water. Things can die.