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Data Systems produces and maintains ER-2 and DC-8 post-flight mission product archive files in support of the Dryden Flight Research Center Airborne Science Directorate. Our mission is to provide standard and specialty data products and equipment interfaces to our customers to achieve 100% mission success in support of NASA Airborne Science facility systems inflight as well as on the ground.

NavRec Data Archives | ICATS Data Archives| DADS Data Archives

ER-2 Navigational Recorder (NavRec)

The ER-2 Navigation Recorder is an electronic intermediary between aircraft avionics and experiment hardware. The recorder performs the following functions:

  • Opto-isolates experimenter hardware from aircraft avionics.
  • Broadcasts navigation data parameters in-flight to all payload areas. These parameters include the aircraft's attitude, position, velocity, heading, outside air temperature and pressure, etc.
  • Broadcasts a consistent time base to all payload areas, in both IRIG-B code format and an RS232 serial line.
  • Samples and records a variety of general analog and digital inputs.
  • Stores navigation data and the afore mentioned general inputs for post-flight analysis, dissemination, and archival.

DC-8 Information Collection and Transmission System (ICATS)

The DC-8 Information Collection and Transmission System is an information system designed for in-flight housekeeping support and performs the following functions:

  • Real-time interfacing of avionics and environmental parameters.
  • Real-time video display of engineering unit values of selected parameters and computed functions.
  • Archiving ASCII data to experimenter stations.
  • Archiving engineering unit values of all parameters in data storage for post-flight retrieval via DFRC web access, CD, or DVD.

DC-8 Archived Data Acquisition And Distribution System (DADS)

The DC-8 Data Acquisition and Distribution System was a general purpose data system designed for in-flight housekeeping support and performed the following functions:

  • Real-time processing of housekeeping (avionics and environmental sensor) data.
  • Real-time distribution of housekeeping data to experiments.
  • Displaying selected parameters on closed circuit television monitors.
  • Printing a record of selected housekeeping data for post-flight use.
  • Logging of commentary and data runs for post-flight use.
  • Archiving both raw and processed housekeeping data to disk, cartridge tape, and now available via DFRC web access, CD, or DVD.

For further information regarding post-flight products and services, please contact the ASDS Group.

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