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  • Retired NASA research pilots Tom McMurtry, Bill Dana and Rogers Smith reminisce during the Lancaster JetHawks Aerospace Appreciation Night.

    Jethawks Honor Dana

    It was Aerospace Appreciation Night Aug. 9 at the Lancaster JetHawks nest at Clear Channel Stadium and Dryden legend Bill Dana was the featured honoree.

  • Vladimir Titov spoke to Dryden Safety Day attendees about his experiences and toured the Orion Abort Flight Test crew module, also known as Pad Abort 1.

    Safety Lessons

    Vladimir Titov, the only living individual to have survived a spacecraft's abort on the launch pad, visited Dryden July 16 to speak about his experiences and view the center's work on the Orion Flight Test crew module, known as Pad Abort 1.

  • NASA personnel celebrating a successful X-43A flight March 27, 2004

    Paul Reukauf Retires From Dryden

    When Paul Reukauf retired from Dryden recently, he had accumulated four decades of experience in aerospace. Woven among more than 20 years of cumulative service with NASA were 17 years working with several private sector companies, all of which kept him near Edwards Air Force Base.

  • Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator of NASA's Aeronautics Research mission directorate, tells Dryden employees about the state of the directorate.

    New ARMD AA: All is Well Aeronautics Plan is Solid and Should Remain on Course

    Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator of NASA's Aeronautics Research mission directorate, told Dryden employees March 12 at an all-hands meeting that a solid plan is in place for NASA aeronautics.

  • Representatives of the City of Palmdale recently toured Drydens new Aircraft Operations Facility adjacent to Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale.

    Dryden's Partners Pay a Visit

    Mayor Jim Ledford and representatives of the City of Palmdale visited the Dryden Operations Aircraft Facility Feb. 19 to learn more about their new NASA neighbors.

  • Dryden engineer Dave Voracek, left, and his son Brad are pictured at the Feb. 15 unveiling of Lancaster High School's entry,

    Robotics Teams Gear Up

    The NASA Dryden Flight Research Center has sponsored several high school robotics teams, beginning with one at Lancaster High School in 2000.

  • JetStar in flight over California Desert

    JetStar Shines Again

    A Dryden C-140 JetStar recently refurbished by the City of Palmdale is on display at the Joe Davies Heritage Airpark adjacent to Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale.

  • Larry Schilling shaking hands with Deputy Center Director Steve Schmidt

    Larry Schilling Retires From Dryden

    Larry Schilling, Dryden's associate center director for operations, an architect of Dryden's digital real-time simulation capability and a driving force in establishing key Dryden infrastructure, has retired, concluding a 31-year career.

  • Gordon Fullerton and Vance Brand training together for shuttle missions in the late 1970s.

    Tale of Two Legends:

    Vance Brand and Gordon Fullerton had careers with NASA that endear them to many observers of America's space and aeronautics programs.
    + Vance Brand
    + Gordon Fullerton