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  • Aircrews who flew overhead before the game received a warm reception from the Aug. 15 JetHawks crowd.

    SR-71's Last Crews: JetHawks Fete 10th Anniversary Of Final Blackbird Flight

    Watching the sleek, black SR-71 aircraft lift off of the runway and into the sky instilled awe in those aviation enthusiasts lucky enough to see it.

  • Former astronaut and Dryden pilot Gordon Fullerton returned July 23 to speak about the legacy of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

    Apollo 11's Legacy: Moon Missions Continue To Inspire The World

    A former Dryden research pilot, NASA astronaut and space shuttle commander spoke to a standing-room-only audience of Dryden employees and educators during a July 23 event celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

  • Blended Wing Body in flight

    Aeronautics Rebounds: Optimism Grows With New Funds, Initiative

    It's been hard times for the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate for many budget cycles, but the work of NASA's research centers and a reformulation of the mission directorate's focus that began in 2006 is showing results.

  • Atlantis departs from Dryden June 1.

    Return To Sender

    Space Shuttle Atlantis, from its position atop NASA's 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, began its way back to Kennedy Space Center, Fla., June 1.

  • Here is an example of a tadpole shrimp.

    Shrimp To Shore

    The desert doesn't exactly conjure up images of butter and cocktail sauce, but there's more shrimp in a number of areas on base than in a grocery store.

  • The Orion flight test crew module continues to undergo integration and testing of components. An Air Force Flight Test Center F-22 passed the test article.

    Budget Is Steady

    With NASA's fiscal year 2010 budget delayed as President Barack Obama's administration came up to speed on its funding plans, it was uncertain what the complexion of the projects and allocations for the agency would look like.

  • Dryden tour guide Winette Vandam points out one of the center's aircraft for members of the Experimental Aircraft Association President's Circle in Hangar 4802 on May 6 to learn about the cutting-edge research under way at the center.

    EAA Members Learn About Dryden

    Members of the Experimental Aircraft Association President's Circle came to see what's happening in aeronautics at Dryden May 6.

  • X-48B in flight

    X-48B Marks 50th Flight

    The X-48B Blended Wing Body aircraft team April 2 notched a milestone when the experimental aircraft made its 50th flight.

  • A cab-over tractor-trailer modified by rounding its front corners and edges was part of a first phase of aerodynamic truck research. The 1970s-era program was honored recently by the Space Foundation at its 25th annual national symposium.

    Innovation Honored

    With its fleet of science aircraft and diverse project portfolio, Dryden is poised to make great strides in national efforts to advance environmental and alternative-energy research.

  • Ed Saltzman

    Saltzman's Roots Were Transplanted

    The desert played a key role in Ed Saltzman's signature work with aerodynamics and truck fairings, but the Mojave was a long way from his roots in Iowa farm country.

  • From left, Lloyd Kaplan, Bill Bright, Dwennon Healy, Daniel Leeder, Donald Margheim and Edmon Beshears.

    Apollo Lessons

    Six men who worked on the Apollo program that enabled astronauts to land on the moon said during a Feb. 12 visit to Dryden that similarities between the Apollo capsule and the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle do not end with the vehicles' shape.

  • SOFIA Program manager Bob Meyer

    Odyssey Engages Students

    SOFIA program manager Bob Meyer was a special guest speaker at the 2009 Bohn-Meyer Math and Science Odyssey, a one-day workshop for middle school students designed to encourage interest in math, science and technology.

  • David Alexander, Digital Learning Network coordinator for Oklahoma State University's program at the AERO Institute, is at work in his studio producing interactive learning experiences for students.

    DLN IS Ticket To Experiences

    Students from across the nation will be able to take a tour of Dryden without ever having to leave their classrooms.

  • The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy's 2.5-meter infrared telescope can be seen in the cavity in the aircraft's rear fuselage during nighttime line operations testing.

    2009 Looks Busy For Dryden

    Dryden Center Director Kevin L. Petersen reviewed Dryden's achievements for 2008 at a Town Hall Dec. 22 and took a glimpse ahead to 2009.

  • STS-126 touches down under cloudless skies on Nov. 30 at DFRC

    Endeavour Pays A Visit

    In a post-flight press conference on Dec. 1, Endeavour Commander Chris Ferguson introduced the shuttle crew and thanked Dryden staff members for their support of the successful Nov. 30 landing.

  • At her desk in building 4839, Lisa Mattox has a smile and a welcoming word for all new employees at Dryden.

    New-Employee Liaison

    When a new employee starts work at Dryden, figuring everything out can be a bit overwhelming. To ease that transition, Lisa Mattox, Dryden's New Employee Liaison, is ready to help.

  • Boeing's X-48B blended wing body aircraft in flight

    Following the BWB Example

    The Boeing Co. Blended Wing Body X-48B flight research project is a success. A second phase to be undertaken at Dryden, as well as a future, larger-scale vehicle, are high on the priority list for the Subsonic Fixed Wing project.

  • a large crowd of high school students at the Salute to Youth event.

    Salute to Youth

    Part of NASA's mission is to inspire the next generation of explorers and Dryden helped support that goal on Sept. 26 at the 17th Annual Salute to Youth in Palmdale.

  • Jack Vechil and Leah Praster of Dryden's Emergency Operations Center are coordinating the center's involvement in the Great California ShakeOut.

    Preparing for the Inevitable

    Dryden's Emergency Operations Center is coordinating the center's involvement in the Great California ShakeOut.

  • Center Director Kevin Petersen, right, gets a tour of the Gift Shop's new Space Race exhibit from Dryden historian/archivist Peter Merlin.

    New Exhibit Opens

    A temporary exhibit titled "Space Race to Space Partnership: The Evolution of U.S.-Russian Relations in Orbit" is now on display in the Dryden Visitor Center and Gift Shop through the end of the year.