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  • Nadia Wright and Shawn Albertson talk to a Dryden employee.

    Wright Helps Make it SAFE

    Safety Action Forum for Employees works to educate people about safety.

  • NASA’s Ikhana glides in for landing at the conclusion of the first checkout test flight of the new ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast aircraft tracking technology on an unmanned aircraft system.

    New Tech May Help Air Traffic Control

    Mail and packages may one day move from city-to-city aboard unmanned aircraft systems, or UAS, flying in the same airspace as airliners, cargo planes, business jets and private aircraft.

  • Officers work through a drill where they have to shoot a suspect from a seated position.

    Protective Services Aims for Success

    Dryden Protective Services officers see a suspicious man who was possibly armed and dangerous enter a building.

  • Masten Space Systems' Xombie rocket with Draper Laboratory's GENIE flight control system has its first untethered flight from the Mojave Air and Space Port.

    Xombie Rising

    The first successful free flight of a new rocket-powered vertical landing demonstrator occurred recently at Mojave Air and Space Port, Mojave, Calif.

  • NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and Center Director David McBride responded to employees' questions at a town hall during Bolden's visit.

    Bolden Talks Budget

    NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden spoke to Dryden employees Feb. 23 about the NASA budget as part of a West Coast tour of NASA field centers that included the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, Calif.

  • NASA astronaut Mike Fossum shared stories about his two space shuttle missions and five months aboard the International Space Station with Dryden employees.

    Fossum Recalls ISS Experiences

    NASA's Mike Fossum spoke to Dryden employees Feb. 21 about his experiences as a NASA astronaut and life aboard the International Space Station. His most recent missions were as a crewmember of Expedition 28 and as commander of Expedition 29.

  • Bob Meyer, program manager of NASA's SOFIA, highlights some of the technical features of the German-built infrared telescope.

    Passion Led Meyer to Long Career

    When Robert R. "Bob" Meyer Jr. talks to students about careers, he tells them to follow their passions, match those with the skills they have and look for opportunities.

  • Jack Vechil and Leah Carreno were preparing for the center's involvement in a Southern California disaster preparedness exercise.

    Vechil Helped to Make Dryden Safer

    How to be safe and secure and what it takes to be so are always changing and it takes vigilance to stay focused on maintaining high standards.

  • Nichelle Nichols talks with some of her fans after her presentation at Dryden.

    Nichols Recalls Trek, Meeting With King

    Nichelle Nichols has warped to many worlds as Lt. Uhura in the Star Trek television show of the 1960s.

  • Brian Griffin works with Mackenzie Denzin on a hands-on project.

    NASA STARS - Student Program Builds Skills, Career Enthusiasm

    A select group of middle school students are seeing STARS. Or more precisely, Cole Middle School students in Lancaster are participating in the Student Training and Advocacy for Professional and STEM Careers, or STARS.

  • Workshop participants interpreted detailed drawings and used ply templates to cut material for the wing leading edge.

    Working Together Bridges Gaps

    Design and fabrication of parts made from composite materials are becoming increasingly important. At Dryden, one group has worked to unite people representing different disciplines in an effort to explain Dryden's capabilities and how to work together to get the job done.

  • David McBride

    Management Assignments Detailed

    Dryden Center Director David McBride explained management reassignments at a Town Hall Nov. 30.

  • Near-vertical peaks and pinnacles often rose higher than NASAs DC-8 flying laboratory during low-level data-gathering flights in the Operation IceBridge campaign.

    That's a Wrap: Successful 2011 IceBridge Campaign Concludes

    NASA's DC-8 airborne science laboratory has completed 2011 Operation IceBridge science flights over Antarctica, and returned to base in Palmdale, Calif., on Nov. 22.

  • Mason Peck

    Peck is New Chief Technologist

    NASA Administrator Charles Bolden has named Cornell University professor Mason Peck to be the agency’s chief technologist, effective in January.

  • NASAs Global Hawk remotely operated aircraft No. 872 banks right over Edwards Air Force Base during a checkout flight.

    8 to 11 Miles High: Prep Begins for Multi-Year Science Campaign

    A consortium of scientists is in the early stages of preparation for a multi-year airborne science campaign being undertaken to study the humidity and chemical composition of air entering the tropical tropopause layer of the atmosphere, which extends from eight to 11 miles (13 to 18 km) above Earth's surface.

  • The ice stream of Recovery Glacier distinguishes itself from slower-moving ice by its shredded, rough appearance.

    Missions Following Up on Discoveries

    With only about 20 percent of planned mission flight hours remaining, long-duration data collection flights by NASA's DC-8 airborne science laboratory are continuing over the ice shelves and glaciers of Antarctica in the fall 2011 Operation IceBridge campaign.

  • The Bee balloons begin rising during a mass ascension at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. At the 40th annual event, Dryden led an agency exhibit focused on aeronautics.

    Bee on the Lookout: International Balloon Fiesta Attracts Huge Crowds

    When attendees at the International Balloon Fiesta, in Albuquerque, N.M., visited the event's Discovery Center Oct. 1-9, they had an opportunity to learn about NASA aeronautics work.

  • Former NASA astronaut Mike Mullane takes photos of his grandchildren Noah Lyons and Gwyn Lyons (in the cockpit) at the F/A-15 cockpit at the NASA exhibit.

    Mullane Discusses Shuttle Experiences

    When Mike Mullane was a boy, he gazed at the night sky. He thought about what it might be like to travel to the stars he saw dotting the darkness with their bright glow.

  • photo of students in front of SR-71 who participated in summer of 2011 programs at Dryden.

    Students Learn On The Job

    Sixty-six people involved in 14 student programs at Dryden had opportunities to learn what it’s like working at a NASA center. Students are listed under the program in which they participated.

  • STS-135 crewmembers Chris Ferguson (commander), Doug Hurley, Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim share their experiences of the final shuttle mission with a Dryden audience.

    Last Trip to Space

    The space shuttle program has been a part of Dryden Deputy Director Pat Stoliker's life since he was about 17 years old.
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