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Volume 46 | Issue 6 | July 2004



Industry Alliance Enhances Agency Supercomputing

NASA is working with two major Silicon Valley corporations, SGI and Intel, to dramatically increase the Agency's supercomputing capacity to meet critical national goals. The three organizations have formed an innovative partnership in which each is contributing resources and capabilities.

As part of the effort, dubbed Project Columbia, NASA will integrate a cluster of 20 interconnected SGI Altix 512 processor systems, for a total of 10,240 Itanium 2 processors, to significantly increase the Agency's capability and capacity through creation of the "Space Exploration Simulator." The new machine will be based at Ames Research Center, located at Moffett Field, Calif., near the heart of Silicon Valley. It will provide an estimated 10-fold increase in NASA's current supercomputing capacity.

"NASA is excited to be working with industry in an innovative way to allow the Agency to deploy a versatile capability in supercomputing," said Administrator Sean O'Keefe.