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Volume 46 | Issue 2 | March 2004



Lebacqz has strong base in aeronautics

NASA News Services

J. Victor Lebacqz has been named Associate Administrator, Office of Aeronautics, which was previously known as the Office of Aerospace Technology. He served as Acting Associate Administrator of the Office of Aerospace Technology beginning in July 2003 and was appointed Deputy Associate Administrator in December 2002.

In Lebacqz's new position, he has overall technical, programmatic and personnel management responsibility for all aeronautics research and development within the Agency. The programmatic activities are funded by an approximately $1 billion annual budget that supports programs at the four NASA aeronautics research centers: Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.; Dryden; Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio, and Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va.

Before accepting the position of Deputy Associate Administrator at NASA Headquarters, Lebacqz was Associate Center Director for Aerospace Programs at Ames Research Center, a position he had held since June 2002. In this position, he had overall management responsibility for the conduct of programs led by Ames for the Office of Aerospace Technology within NASA. These programs, with an annual budget of about $250 million, included airspace systems, rotorcraft, computing, information and communications technology and engineering for complex systems.

In 1978, Lebacqz left the Calspan Corp., Buffalo, N.Y., where he was head of the Flight Control section, to begin his federal career at Ames as an aerospace engineer conducting flight and simulation research. Since then, he has held a variety of Ames management positions including chief of the Flight Dynamics and Controls branch, chief of the Flight Management and Human Factors division and director of the Aviation System Capacity and Aerospace Operations Systems programs.

Lebacqz is a graduate of Princeton University with bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in aeronautical engineering. He is the author or co-author of over 50 technical reports, articles or papers, was a member of the American Helicopter Society, and is a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Lebacqz has been the recipient of two NASA Special Achievement Awards, five NASA Group Achievement Awards, two NASA Ames Honor Awards (for excellence in supervision and for mentoring), the U.S. Army Aero Flight Dynamics Directorate Director's Award for Interagency Cooperation, the NASA Exceptional Service Medal and two NASA Outstanding Leadership Medals.