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Volume 46 | Issue 2 | March 2004


photo: gift shop
The Dryden Gift Shop reopened March 2, marking the first time the gift shop has been open regular hours since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks resulted in suspension of all tours and visits to the Center by the general public.
NASA Photo / Tom Tschida

Dryden gift shop reopens

By Jay Levine
X-Press Editor

Rain didn't dampen enthusiasm for the March 2 reopening of the Dryden gift shop.

Temporarily closed because of security concerns, which also meant suspension of public tours at the Center, the reopening of the gift shop marks the first regular schedule for the facility since the fall of 2001, said Rosalia Toberman, Exchange Council operations manager.

The gift shop is located in trailer T-2, behind Lockheed Federal Credit Union and across from the Data Analysis Facility (DAF). It will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

photo: gift shop
Shanyn Beggs, above left, store manager, assists customer John Irizarry. For the first time since late 2001, the Dryden gift shop will have regular hours of operation. By this fall, Exchange Council representatives said they believe the gift shop will be back in its original home next to the Dryden cafeteria following renovations to that complex.
NASA Photo / Tom Tschida

New merchandise includes space lamps, t-shirts and a special Century of Flight Edition of the board game Monopoly. Although the SR-71 doesn't fly at Dryden anymore, toy SR-71s still fly off the shelves. And for the card in the family, round NASA playing card decks are available.

Toberman said new merchandise, possibly including items that will highlight Dryden research projects, should be available in the near future. Also, reduced price tickets to California amusements and attractions are again being offered through the gift shop.

The Exchange Council plans to expand the number of activities offered to Dryden employees through the Exchange Council, such as trips to vineyards and California sporting events. The gift shop will be a clearinghouse for pricing and ticket information on those activities.

It is estimated the gift shop will return to its original location - outside the Dryden cafeteria - when renovations to the building are completed in the fall, Toberman said.