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Volume 46 | Issue 1 | January 2004

Research Roundup

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Lakebed Legacies

February historically has been a busy month at Dryden.

Feb. 4, 1958 - North American Aviation technicians in Palmdale began modification of the B-52A (52-0003) to the NB-52A mothership configuration for the X-15 program.

Feb. 18, 1958 - Gen. James Doolittle visited the NACA High Speed Flight Station.

Feb. 3, 1960 - North American Aviation delivered the X-15-1 (56-6670) to the NASA Flight Research Center (FRC).

Feb. 25, 1963 - Donald Mallick's first day at NASA FRC. He transferred from NASA Langley Research Center, Va.

Feb. 4, 1969 - Fitz Fulton and Lt. Col. Emil "Ted" Sturmthal delivered XB-70 (62-0001) to the U.S. Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

Feb. 1, 1970 - YF-12A (60-6935) was delivered to NASA FRC for a joint USAF/NASA research program.

Feb. 8, 1980 - Control of the Edwards Air Force Base Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Test Stand was transferred to NASA Dryden Flight Research Center.

Feb. 15, 1990 - SR-71A (61-7980) was delivered to NASA Dryden Flight Research Facility (DFRF) from Beale Air Force Base, Calif.

Feb. 10, 1992 - X-31A (164584) and X-31A (164585) were transferred to NASA DFRF.