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X-Press Special Editions

Cover of X-Press Special Edition featuring SOFIA  

Sensational SOFIA

The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, or SOFIA arrived at Dryden this summer, marking a transition from significant modification of the aircraft to accommodate the largest airborne telescope to the start of flight tests, completion of subsystems integration and, eventually, to the task of exploring the heavens. The following stories give a detailed look into the flying observatory and its science.

+ PDF Special Edition October, 2007
+ Lindbergh Legacy
+ Science of the SOFIA
+ Science Alliance
+ A Tale of Two Birds

X-Press: Special Discovery Edition Cover. Launch, Landing, and Ferry Flight back to Florida.  

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back! is a tribute to Discovery and the many people responsible for getting her back to work. While the shuttle program continues to grapple with challenges, STS-114 was a success and marked the return to flight after Columbia's loss.

+ PDF Special Edition Sept. 23, 2005
+ Arrival
+ Astronauts recall mission
+ Home on the Range
+ All about the MDD
+ Where we've been

11 Seconds into the Unknown, flight of the X-43A  

X-43A: 11 Seconds into the Unknown

When the X-43A successfully completed its mission March 27 it marked the beginning of a new era in hypersonics research.

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AAW Wright Now - cover. Depicts the Wright Flyer to the AAW F-18  

AAW Research: Wright Now!

One hundred years ago, the Wright brothers successfully flew the first airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Wing twist is how the Wrights obtained roll control, and it's currently the technique researchers are using to achieve more effective control roll in the Active Aeroelastic Wing research aircraft.

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Cover of Special Edition X-press about Helios prototype  

Missions to the Stratosphere

The Helios Prototype set an altitude record at 96,863 feet and made a run as a candidate for one of aviation’s greatest prizes, the Collier Trophy.

So what does a project team do for an encore? That’s what the Helios Prototype Team began to answer even before the record flight – to again demonstrate new abilities by initiating activities toward a duration flight that will exceed a day and night cycle above 50,000 feet during Summer 2003.

+ PDF Special Edition May 8, 2002

An advanced X-38 prototype International Space Station  

X-38 airlaunch proves systems

An advanced X-38 prototype International Space Station "lifeboat" floated to a successful touchdown July 10 at Dryden under the world's largest parafoil. This is the seventh free flight test for the X-38 project, ultimately intended to produce a vehicle capable of evacuating a seven-person crew from the station in an emergency.

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