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Volume 46 | Issue 7 | August 2004


photo: UAV on the runway.  

J-UCAS X-45A Represents an Evolutionary Step in Technology and a Look at Future Aviation

  • The Boeing X-45A unmanned aerial vehicle project is marking new milestones in flight research and reaching new goals with help from Dryden personnel and resources.


Cosentino Sees X-45A Through DARPA's Eyes

  • The eyes and ears of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have a familiar face for Dryden employees in Gary Cosentino, Dryden's former X-45A project manager. Cosentino recently explained both his role as DARPA onsite representative and the ways that Dryden facilities and expertise have been tapped to help the project reach new milestones - including the Aug. 1 flight, which marked the first time two unmanned aerial vehicles flew under a single controller.

hoto: x-43A's record breaking flight.  

Guinness Certifies X-43A Speed Record

  • NASA's X-43A already is headed for the record books, but Guinness World Records officials should probably be prepared for an update. In October, NASA hopes to bump its recently set world speed record for a jet-powered aircraft from Mach 7 to Mach 10. Mach 10 is ten times the speed of sound, or approximately 7,200 mph.

photo: MNASA 008 Workhorse.  

NASA's Workhorse Sports New Markings

  • Dryden's venerable NB-52B mothership, known as NASA 008, is sporting a new paint job - well, sort of. The new livery reflects for the first time identification of the workhorse aircraft as a Dryden asset.

photo: lakebed legacies logo  

Lakebed Legacies

  • August 1, 1947 to August 13, 1980.