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Chasing the Dragon
January 10, 2011

he ER-2 is followed by its new chase vehicle.The ER-2 is followed by its new "chase" vehicle. (NASA Photo / Tony Landis)
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In need of a vehicle to chase the ER-2 as it lands, Dryden's ER-2 project obtained a lease on a government-owned 2010 Dodge Charger.The vehicle has law enforcement enhancements that enable it to reach speeds required for its mission: keeping an eye on the ER-2 aircraft as it lands, much as a chase aircraft is used to allow observation of research flights. The driver of the Charger, usually another ER-2 pilot, watches the aircraft's proximity to the ground and helps the pilot make a gentle landing. The ER-2 is a civilian variant of the military U-2 reconnaissance aircraft, which is also known as the Dragon Lady.

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