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Management Assignments Detailed
December 19, 2011

Center Director David McBrideDavid McBride Dryden Center Director David McBride explained management reassignments at a Town Hall Nov. 30.

The leadership changes do not constitute a reorganization, but the realignment is needed because, "we have more work than we can do and the front office needs some help," McBride said.

Here is a recap of the key points:

  • Vince Chacon, Safety and Mission Assurance, or Code S, director, will be the new Dryden associate director.
  • Current associate directors Dennis Hines and Gwen Young will retain the same responsibilities, but their titles will change slightly. Hines, associate director for programs, will be director of programs. Young, associate director for mission support, will be the director of mission support.
  • Steve Schmidt, Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility director, will be the new Safety and Mission Assurance director.
  • Mike Thomson, who was recently selected as the Dryden Airborne Sciences chief, has been chosen to lead the DAOF.
  • The Code O chief, or Flight Operations director, position has been open since David Wright retired. Frank Batteas served as acting chief for six months and the position is currently filled by Jim Smolka as interviews for the position begin.
  • Deputy Center Director Patrick Stoliker remains in his position.
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