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November 19, 2009

Ronald Young Valuable, interesting and potentially groundbreaking technology, enabled through the many facets of the Innovative Partnerships Program, is profiled on these pages.

The IPP seeks to add value to NASA's mission directorates and their programs and projects through technology development and infusion. To better facilitate technology breakthroughs, the IPP fosters partnerships that leverage funding to address technology barriers via cost-shared, jointly developed partnerships. Serving as a facilitator for partners inside and outside the agency, the IPP is bringing new sources of innovation together to address NASA's technology needs that will not only resolve the agency's technical challenges but also benefit the nation and the general public through technology transfer for new commercial applications.

Some of these technologies may increase safety while reducing operational costs for military, commercial and civilian use. One technology may have diverse applications ranging from determining the structural health of buildings and bridges to assisting surgeons in medical procedures. Another may lead to new, proven technologies and combinations of concepts that will power future space vehicles more efficiently and economically.

The IPP acts as a pathfinder and an agent of change that will lead to new approaches and methods through creating partnerships such as those that will give small businesses the ability to compete for inclusion in technology-development efforts expected to lead to commercial products and become widely available to those who fund these projects, the taxpayers.

In partnerships with small businesses and research institutions, the IPP is pulling into the marketplace from colleges and universities the innovations that will help inspire a new generation of researchers. Some of the research is focused on perceived future challenges that may be a decade away. Thanks to the IPP, the technology will be ready when it is needed.

The cover story for this issue of Aerovations details opportunities for meeting technology challenges as well as the projects supported through the IPP. The article also profiles the avenue for reporting new technologies and maturing them for commercial products that benefit everyone.

Enjoy the variety of projects described on these pages, which are as diverse and innovative as the IPP itself.

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