Special Thanks To The Key People Who Helped With This Publication
Dryden employees form a large 50 in celebration of NASAs 50th anniversaryIn support of NASA’s 50th Anniversary, hundreds of NASA government and contractor employees dressed in red, white and blue gathered to form a giant "50" on the back ramp at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center Oct. 28. NASA Photo by Tom Tschida Many people helped this year-long effort come to fruition.

Jaimie Baccus developed the online survey, Justine Mack created the boxes for the paper surveys, David Faust created the cover and Dennis Calaba created the graphics for the center spread.

Christian Gelzer, Peter Merlin and Curtis Peebles wrote a number of the people and project profiles. Gelzer also played a big role as devil's advocate.

Thanks also to Kevin Petersen, Gwen Young, John O'Shea and Kevin Rohrer for their support.

The Dryden Photo Department was key and includes Sarah Eddy, Tony Landis, Jim Ross, Carla Thomas and Tom Tschida.

Thanks to Code T staff who saw numerous ballot iterations and provided direction. This includes Ronnie Boghosian,Kim Lewis, Debbie Rodden, Terri Lyon, Lisa Mattox, Alan Brown, Cray Creech, Beth Hagenaur, MaryAnn Harness, Leslie Williams, Winette Vandam, Betty Love, Katrina Emery, Miriam Rodon, Cecilia Cordova, Shari Olsen, Kathrine Doran, Michelle Davis-Judd, Beth White, Tanya Duke, Jose Hernandez, Lorna Williams, Sondra Geddes, Cam Martin, Greg Poteat and David Alexander.

Thanks also to Johnny Armstrong, Jaimie Willhite, Jeff Doughty, Sirell Lane, Patricia Kinn, Carmen Arevalo, James Mills, Wen Painter, Larry Schilling, Al Bowers, Jennifer Cole, Tom Horn, Jim Stewart, Monroe Conner, Yvonne Kellogg and those who made this possible.