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    Cover of 50th anniversary X-Press

X-Press 50th Anniversary Edition

The Results

Employees change the sign when the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics became the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on Oct. 1, 1958.

The X-Press borrowed from popular culture to do something that the publications staff has not previously attempted: conduct a survey to identify some of the significant projects and personalities at D...

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Dryden's Colorful History

Center Director Kevin Petersen

Dryden has made many significant contributions to NASA's mission since the agency's inception five decades ago

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Driving Forces

A. Scott Crossfield

Survey shows some of the people who helped made Dryden what it is today.

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Up and Coming

Laurie A. Grindle

Survey identified these talented current and future stars.

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Dryden's Top 20 Projects

The DC-8 Airborne Science aircraft departs for a mission at dawn.

Dryden's Legacy: These 20 projects rose to the top

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Special Photo Edition

NB-52 launches the X-15A-2 with its ablative coating and external tanks.

Five Decades of Dryden Contributions and Contributors - Welcome to this supplement to the X-Press "Happy Anniversary NASA" edition. The 20-page main publication includes profiles of 61 people a...

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Special Thanks To The Key People

Dryden employees form a large 50 in celebration of NASAs 50th anniversary

Many people helped this year-long effort come to fruition.

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› 50th Anniversary X-Press (PDF)
› Special Photo Edition (PDF)

On The Horizon

  • NF-15B Intelligent Flight Control System aircraft banking over Rogers Dry Lake Bed at Edwards.

    Intelligent Flight Control System

    Dryden's NF-15B Intelligent Flight Control System flight research project seeks to exploit revolutionary technological breakthroughs in aircraft flight controls that can efficiently optimize aircraft performance in normal and failure conditions.

  • NASA's Boeing 747SP SOFIA airborne observatory soars over a bed of puffy clouds during a checkout flight.

    The SOFIA

    NASA and the German Space Agency are developing the Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy - or SOFIA - as a world-class airborne observatory that will complement the Hubble, Spitzer, Herschel and James Webb space telescopes and major Earth-based telescopes.

  • Orion CEV undergoing tests at Dryden Flight Research Center


    Dryden plays a significant role in the development of next-generation NASA spacecraft as part of the Constellation program.

  • Blended Wing Body aircraft in flight over California desert

    Blended Wing Body Aircraft

    Dryden and The Boeing Co. are expanding the flight envelope for the X-48B blended wing body research aircraft.

  • NF-15B banking over California desert as it approaches Dryden Flight Research Center

    Sonic Boom Research

    Flight tests in support of the Lift and Nozzle Change Effects on Tail Shock, or LaNCETS, project are being conducted at Dryden.

  • Ikhana in flight during California Wildfire mission.


    The Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility opened for business in 2007 at the former Rockwell International/North American Aircraft production facility in Palmdale.

  • DAOF officials looking over plans and blueprints


    The Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility opened for business in 2007 at the former Rockwell International/North American Aircraft production facility in Palmdale.

  • Global Hawk being towed out of Hangar 4801 at DFRC

    Global Hawk

    Dryden acquired two Northrop Grumman Global Hawk Advanced Concept Technology Demon-stration aircraft when the U.S. Air Force transferred the assets in September 2007.