Dryden's Colorful History
Center Director Kevin Petersen Center Director
Kevin Petersen
NASA Photo
Dryden has made many significant contributions to NASA's mission since the agency's inception five decades ago. Many of those contributions and contributors are identified in two Special Edition X-Press issues.

This 20-page X-Press is entitled "Happy Anniversary, NASA" and reflects the results of a center-wide survey seeking input on what employees and retirees see as the best and brightest among five decades of Dryden contributions and contributors.

The issue contains 61 profiles of employees viewed by survey respondents as either driving forces or up-and-coming individuals in the work of the center. In addition, 28 current and past projects are profiled. The survey was conducted during March and April of 2008.

The companion supplement to this X-Press is entitled "NASA's 50th Anniversary: Five decades of Dryden Contributions and Contributors." That eight-page edition contains memorable photos and classic images including some projects and people not contained in the main edition as well as photos from the private collections of Dryden employees.

A fifty-year milestone is a time to reflect on the ways in which each and every employee contributes every day to a legacy forged by hard work and dedication. As we celebrate our past achievements - and they are many - we also continue on a course of adding to that list in the present, while planning to help NASA attain even greater achievements in the future. Dryden's accomplishments will live on eternally in America's aerospace lore.

Kevin L. Petersen,
Dryden Center Director