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December 30, 2002

Release: 02-74

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Note to Editors: News editors may request Beta (analog or digital) tapes of cutting-edge NASA research aircraft from NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center. Dryden is home to NASA’s flight research efforts including the Active Aeroelastic Wing (AAW) F/A-18 jet that is testing a new twist on an old control phenomenon that dates back to the Wright Brothers.

Classic flight research conducted at Dryden, and available on tape, includes the 4,000-mph X-15 rocket plane of the 1960s, early space shuttle landing tests, and the amazing lifting bodies of the 1960s and 70s, which verified flight capabilities still used in spacecraft design.

Earth science monitoring with a DC-8 airliner and two ER-2 high-altitude aircraft has also been documented by NASA Dryden’s award-winning video crews.

Editors in search of video footage of these or other NASA Dryden flight research projects may contact Dryden public affairs for assistance. Some subjects are available for immediate shipment; other topics will require time to research and dub. NASA Dryden is expanding its use of high-definition video documentation; ask for availability.

For information on specific aeronautical topics, you may contact the following public affairs specialists: ALAN BROWN (661) 276-2665: Helios solar-powered aircraft; AAW wing-warping F/A-18. GRAY CREECH (661) 276-2662: B-52 launch aircraft; F-15B Research Testbed aircraft, F-15B IFCS. BETH HAGENAUER (661) 276-7960: Earth Sciences DC-8 and ER-2; Automated Air Refueling. LESLIE WILLIAMS (661) 276-3893: Space shuttle landing and ferrying; X-43; Space Launch Initiative.

For all other topics that NASA Dryden may have available, please call public affairs at (661) 276-3449. General information about NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and its diverse projects is available on the web at /centers/dfrc or by writing to: Public Affairs, Code "T" NASA Dryden Flight Research Center P.O. Box 273, Mail Stop 4839 Edwards, CA 93523


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