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December 26, 2002

Release: 02-72

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Graphic and beautiful photographs of some of the world’s most exotic aircraft are available to editors online at /centers/dfrc in the Gallery section of NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center web site.

Taken by award-winning NASA photographers, the images are presented in three resolutions, enabling use in newspapers, magazines, and books. The Gallery includes recent photographs of research aircraft like the record altitude high-flying Helios solar-powered flying wing and the fuel-efficient Autonomous Formation Flight F/A-18s as well as timeless images of the 4,000-mph X-15 rocket plane of the 1960s and the sleek Douglas Skyrocket of the 1950s.

When NASA tests a new craft at Dryden, like the Active Aeroelastic Wing F/A-18, dramatic photos of the flight are posted to the Dryden web. If the space shuttle lands at the Dryden/Edwards Air Force Base complex, its high-speed touchdown is preserved on the web in crisp images.

Guidelines for use of these public-domain images can be found on the web site.


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