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Dryden Fact Sheets in Ascending Order

Documents about the research projects, facilities, people, and history of the Dryden Flight Research Center.

Documents are available in two formats. An on-line viewable document in HTML is available by following the hyperlink on the document title. High quality versions are also available for printing in PDF format.

Document Number Document Title PDF
FS-001b Dryden Flight Research Center, Short Version 1.4 MB
FS-002 F-18 HARV 111 K
FS-003 Controlled Impact Demonstration 668 K
FS-005 B-52B 'Mothership' Launch Aircraft 536 K
FS-006 F-18 Mission Support Aircraft 108 K
FS-007 Research Aircraft Integration Facility (RAIF) 224 K
FS-008 X-29 172 K
FS-009 X-31 180 K
FS-010 HL-10 Lifting Body 152 K
FS-011 The Lifting Bodies 148 K
FS-013 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft 1 MB
FS-014 Space Shuttle Mate/Demate Device 232 K
FS-015 Space Shuttles and the Dryden Flight Research Center  
FS-016 Sonic Booms 44 K
FS-017JSC Orion Abort Flight Tests 216 K
FS-018 Hugh L. Dryden 2.7 MB
FS-019 AD-1 Oblique Wing Aircraft 236 K
FS-020 ERAST 164 K
FS-021 F-104 #826 232 K
FS-022 F-15 Flight Research Facility 160 K
FS-023 F-16XL Laminar Flow 272 K
FS-024 F-8 Digital Fly By Wire 148 K
FS-025 HiMAT 136 K
FS-026 Lunar Landing Research Vehicle 244 K
FS-028 JetStar Research Aircraft
FS-030 SR-71 Blackbird
FS-031 Research Airplane Program 392 K
FS-034 Pathfinder 144 K
FS-035 D-558-II 144 K
FS-036 D-558-I 120 K
FS-038 X-38
FS-039 Systems Research Aircraft 108 K
FS-040 X-43 (Hyper-X) 160 K
FS-041 Propulsion Controlled Aircraft 180 K
FS-043 LASRE 112 K
FS-044 F-8 Supercritical Wing 92 K
FS-045 Spacewedge 188 K
FS-046 ER-2 725 KB
FS-047 YF-12 316 K
FS-048 NF-15B 837  
FS-049 Eclipse 216 K
FS-050 DC-8 1.1 MB  
FS-051 F-16XL1 52 K
FS-052 X-15 248 K
FS-053 PHYSX 196 K
FS-054 Solar-Power Research and DFRC 284 K
FS-055 F-15B Aeronautics Research Test Bed 1.3 MB
FS-056 Centurion 452 K
FS-058 Altus  
FS-059 Perseus B 96 K
FS-060 X-34
FS-061 Active Aeroelastic Wing (AAW) 336 K
FS-062 Tu-144 112 K
FS-065 X-36 1.1 MB
FS-067 X-33
FS-068 Helios 208 K
FS-069 Proteus 80 K
FS-070 Western States Fire Mission 2.7 MB
FS-073 Altair/Predator B 172 K
FS-074 Airborne Science Operations 1.7 MB
FS-075 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration in the National Airspace System  
FS-076 Intelligent Flight Control System 156 K
FS-077 X-3 240 K
FS-078 X-4 400 K
FS-079 X-2 396 K
FS-080 XF-92A 440 K
FS-081 X-5 364 K
FS-082 X-1, Second Generation 348 K
FS-083 X-1E 360 K
FS-084 XB-70 404 K
FS-085 X-1, First Generation 408 K
FS-086 Dry Lakes 32 K
FS-087 Beamed Laser Power 176 K
FS-088 Test Range Support for Space Shuttle 64 K
FS-089 C-20A Environmental Science Research Aircraft 721 K
FS-090 X-48 Hybrid / Blended Wing Body  2.0 MB
FS-091 NASA Dryden's Contributions to Spaceflight 950 K
FS-092 T-34C Mission Support Aircraft 932 K
FS-093 Phoenix Missile Hypersonic Testbed 1.2 MB
FS-094 B-52H Air-Launch and Research Testbed
FS-095 ChemSecure 500 K
FS-096 SOFIA / Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy 819k
FS-097 Ikhana 1.5 MB
FS-098 Global Hawk 967 K
FS-099 B-200 King Air 561 K
FS-100 Aerodynamic Truck Studies 2.5 MB
FS-101 Launch Abort System PA-1 flight test 744 K
FS-102 Flight Opportunities Program 651 K
FS-103 Gulfstream-III Aerodynamics Research Test Bed 479 KB
FS-104 NASA Dryden's Support of the Mars Science Laboratory Mission