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Armstrong Severe Weather Instructions
February 10, 2015

Employee Procedures to Determine if Armstrong is Open for a Normal Workday

When the weather is severe enough that driving to work may be hazardous, or if an emergency condition exists at AFRC, Building 703, or the AERO Institute, Armstrong officials will inform resident staff whether to come to work that day.

Call the Armstrong Events and Employee Emergency Notification Hot Line at (661) 276-2777 for the most current information. A recorded message will be provided. Do not call the Armstrong Protective Services Office or the Operator for workday status.

Information regarding travel conditions or closure notices will also be posted on the Armstrong public web site at http://www.nasa.gov/centers/armstrong/home/severe_weather.html. That page can also be accessed via a link on the lower left side of the Armstrong public web site home page at Severe Weather Instructions.

During normal working hours when weather may threaten safe passage from Armstrong to surrounding cities, information will be broadcast over AFRC, Building 703, and AERO Institute public address systems.

Specific roadway conditions may be obtained from the California State Department of Transportation at (800) 427-7623 and from the California Highway Patrol web site at http://cad.chp.ca.gov.

In general, employees should assume that AFRC, Building 703, and the AERO Institute will be open unless notified otherwise.

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Page Last Updated: February 10th, 2015
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