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Aerodynamic Truck Studies Honored
April 3, 2009

Air flow testing on aerodynamic truckApplication of aerodynamic design principles to the design of large truck cabs by NASA Dryden researchers in the mid-1970s led to the adoption of those standards by most manufacturers of large trucks on the road today. (NASA Photo) Research at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center more than 35 years ago that led to significant improvements in the fuel economy of large long-haul trucks has been honored by the Space Foundation with its induction into the National Space Technology Hall of Fame. .

The studies led by retired NASA Dryden engineer Ed Saltzman that applied aerodynamic principles to the design of the cabs of long-haul highway trucks were honored during the foundation's 25th National Space Symposium during ceremonies April 2 in Colorado Springs, Colo. Dryden's application of aerodynamics to the design of large trucks was one of two commercial developments of aerospace technology to be inducted into the foundation's Hall of Fame this year.

The research at NASA Dryden led to widespread application of aerodynamic fairings and streamlining to the cabs of large trucks that greatly reduced aerodynamic drag or friction at highway speeds, resulting in both improved fuel efficiency and handling.

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