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  • Distinguished by its large nose payload bay, NASA's Ikhana unmanned aircraft does an engine run prior to takeoff from General Atomics' Grey Butte airfield.

    Aircraft Imagery

    Photos, video and graphics of Dryden aircraft

  • Freshly painted Orion Crew module at Dryden

    Orion Crew Module at Dryden

    Mockup to undergo preparations for first short-range flight test.

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  • This backlit photo of SOFIA's infrared telescope during characterization testing shows the cell-like construction of the telescope's 2.5-meter primary mirror.

    SOFIA Telescope Operational Baseline Test

    Video of SOFIA telescope team collecting baseline operational measurements in early March, 2008.
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  • G-III banking with UAVSAR Pod attached

    UAVSAR  →

    NASA is evaluating a compact L-Band synthetic aperture radar for potential use on unmanned aircraft.

  • Imaging device attached to Ikhana's wing

    Ikhana Wildfire Missions  →

    Video of NASA's Ikhana using thermal-infrared imaging technology during a California wildfire mission.