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Past Projects - TU-144 - Experiments
August 31, 2009

TU-144LL on taxiway TU-144LL SST Flying Laboratory on taxiway at Zhukovsky Air Development Center near Moscow, Russia

Data acquired by flight research

  • Cp, Cf and boundary layer measurement and CFD comparisons
  • Handling qualities assessment
  • Propulsion system thermal environment
  • Slender wing ground effects
  • Structure/cabin noise
  • Surface/structure equilibrium temperature verification
  • In-flight wing deflection measurements

Data acquired by ground test

  • Engine face reflections
  • Engine operations behind close-coupled inlet structure

Existing flight data correlated

  • Flex effects on controls
  • Icing
  • Landing gear dynamics
  • Main gear water and slush spray/debris pattern
  • Nacelle diverter flowfield
  • Nose gear water and slush spray/debris pattern
  • Ride quality database
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