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Flight Loads Laboratory
April 24, 2012

Flight Loads Lab at Dryden Flight Research Center The Flight Loads Laboratory offers thermal, structural, ground vibration, and structural mode interaction testing of aircraft and aircraft structural components. The ability to do all of these tests under one roof is convenient and efficient for customers.

To carry out these tests, the FLL has a large data acquisition and thermal control system, 84 channels of hydraulic load control, and systems for applying advanced instrumentation. The FLL also uses a unique virtual laboratory system for remote, real-time monitoring of tests through a secure Internet connection. In addition, the FLL is home to an experienced workforce of engineers and technicians. State-of- the-art tools are used to design and analyze test setups needed for testing one-of-a-kind items.

Points of Contact

Thomas Horn
Branch Chief

(661) 276-2232

Tim Risch
Deputy Branch Chief

(661) 276-6720

Larry Hudson
FLL Chief Test Engineer

(661) 276-3925

Ron Haraguchi
FLL Operations Manager

(661) 276-2367

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