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ChemSecure - Federal Partners

Hill Air Force Base
Hazardous Material Management System (HMMS)
Program Management Office

Point of Contact

Randy Jones
HMMS Program Manager

The Hazardous Material Management System (HMMS) is the current chemical management system being utilized in ChemSecure. The HMMS Program Management Office resides at Hill AFB and is providing the overall program management for HMMS.

HQ AFMC/A4D Depot Operations Division
Depot Maintenance Automatic Identification Technology (DMT AIT)

Point of Contact

Kelley E. Beerbower
Lead Senior Systems Analyst - DMT AIT

HQ AFMC/A4D Depot Maintenance Transformation (DMT) includes business process reengineering to develop a "future state" for depot maintenance that will put into place cutting-edge business processes. This effort will require radical change in how we report, forecast, plan, schedule, and execute maintenance and production support operations, with the ultimate goal of providing affordable, on-time delivery to our customers. Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) is one of several active programs within HQ AFMC/A4D. In partnership with the HMMS Program Office at OO-ALC, HQ AFMC/A4D is very interested and supportive of the technological opportunities being developed within the ChemSecure framework.