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Performance and Specifications
November 2, 2011

Aircraft Specifications


Length: 43 ft, 10 in
Wingspan: 54 ft, 6 in
Height: 14 ft, 10 in
Empty weight: 8,480 lb
Max takeoff weight: 12,500 lb

Primary Mission/Capabilities:

  • Low-cost research testbed for low/medium altitude flight systems and experiments
  • Flight test and verification of avionics and sensor systems
  • Modest internal volume with "shirt sleeve" environment for operators


Max cruise airspeed: 292 kts
Max altitude: 35,000 ft
Max rate of climb: 2,460 ft/min
Max range: 1255 nm w/6 passengers
Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42; 850 hp

Test Instrumentation:

  • Installed RNAV navigation capability
  • Onboard recording capability

Past Projects:

  • Carrier-Smoothing GPS
  • Space Integrated GPS/INS (SIGI)
  • X-33 guidance, navigation, and control

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