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C-20A UAVSAR News Releases
November 2, 2011


NASA Airborne Radar Set To Image Kilauea Volcano (4/11) - The Kilauea volcano that recently erupted on the Big Island of Hawaii will be the target for a NASA study to help scientists better understand processes occurring under Earth's surface. › Read More


NASA Dryden Hosts Teachers for Airborne Research Experience (7/10) - A half-dozen enthusiastic Southern California elementary and high school teachers learned to use NASA education resources this summer while indentifying and creating new educational opportunities for teachers and students through the agency's Airborne Research Experiences for Educators and Students program. › Read More


Arctic Trek to 'Break the Ice' on New NASA Airborne Radars (4/09) - NASA will 'break the ice' on a pair of new airborne radars that can help monitor climate change when a team of scientists embarks this week on a two-month expedition to the vast, frigid terrain of Greenland and Iceland. › Read More


NASA Evaluates Compact Synthetic Aperture Radar (11/07) - NASA is evaluating a compact L-Band synthetic aperture radar for potential use on unmanned aircraft. The sensor detects and measures small changes in the Earth's surface of geophysical interest, such as volcanoes, earthquake faults, landslides and glaciers. › Read More


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