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NASA - F-16XL Technical Publications
March 5, 2008

Flight Test Results for the F-16XL With a Digital Flight Control System (2004) +Read more

Flight, Wind-Tunnel, and Computational Fluid Dynamics Comparison for Cranked Arrow Wing (F-16XL-1) at Subsonic and Transonic Speeds (2001) + Read more

Measurements of the Basic SR-71 Airplane Near-Field Signature (1999) + Read more

Dynamic Ground Effect for a Cranked Arrow Wing Airplane (1997) + Read more

F-16XL Wing Pressure Distributions and Shock Fence Results from Mach 1.4 to Mach 2.0 (1997) +Read more

SR-71 Experiment On Propagation Of Sonic Booms (1996) + Read more

Preliminary Airborne Measurements for the SR-71 Sonic Boom Propagation Experiment (1995) +Read more

Overview of Supersonic Laminar Flow Control Research on the F-16XL Ships 1 and 2 (1992) + Read more

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