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NASA - F-15B 837 - Perfomance and Specifications
April 29, 2008

F-15B-837 3-View NASA F-15B #837 3-view. NASA graphic. Aircraft Specifications


Length: 63.7 ft, excluding flight test nose boom
Wingspan: 42.8 ft
Horizontal tail span: 28.2 ft
Canard span: 25.6 ft

Primary Mission/Capabilities:

• Space-Based Range Demonstration and Certification
• Evaluate self-learning neural network concepts to optimize aircraft performance
• Enable flight-critical propulsion system integration into the flight control system


Max speed: Mach 2.0+
Max operating altitude: 60,000 ft
Engine: Two F100-PW-229 engines with pitch/yaw (3D) thrust vectoring nozzles
Max engine thrust: 29,000 lb in full afterburner each

General Information:

Crew: Two; one pilot, one flight test engineer
Airframe: Pre-production TF-15A, highly modified
Manufacturer: McDonnell Douglas

Aircraft Systems:

• Quad digital fly-by-wire flight control system
• Dual-channel nozzle controllers
• Tri-channel VMS computer
• Electronic air inlet controllers
• Pitch Yaw Balance Beam Nozzle (P/YBBN)
• F-15E crew station w/programmable Multi-Purpose Displays for both crew members

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