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The Dryden Publications Manual

NASA Report Series Procedures

The procedure for the NASA Report Series is very similar to the procedures for the conference papers. The primary difference is that the schedule for the NASA report is not as compressed and no oral presentation is required.

The procedures are as follows:

Milestone Responsible Party
1. Collect and analyze data Author(s)
2. Prepare outline / abstract Author(s)
3. Schedule outline review Author(s), Code R research reports facilitator selects technical review chairperson
4. Outline review Code R research reports facilitator, author's branch chief, technical review chairperson, author(s)
5. Submit DAA, NASA form1676 (Appendix A) Author / RA Branch documentation specialists
6. Write draft Author(s)
7. Review draft Branch chief or designee
8. Incorporate comments Author
9. Review revised draft Branch chief or designee signs and dates the approval form, DFRC Form 54 (Appendix B)
10. Schedule technical review Code R research reports facilitator selects committee, schedules conference room, and distributes copies.
11. Peer review Author(s), technical review committee
12. Incorporate technical review comments Author(s)
13. Review final draft Chairperson makes final review and signs approval form, DFRC Form 54.
14. Submit final draft to Code R Research Engineering Directorate chief / designee reviews report and signs approval form, DFRC Form 54.
15. Submit approved final draft to TPO Author supplies report and items on TPO checklist.
16. Edit final draft TPO editor, text to tech typing, figures to graphics, photos to Imaging Technology
17. Review edited report Author(s)
18. Incorporate author comments TPO editor
19. Approve author release Author(s) review final copy and sign author release form
20. Print report Dryden duplicating facility
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