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The Dryden Publications Manual

Publication of Oral Presentation

The publication of oral presentations at professional meetings and conferences is encouraged. While it may be an honor to give an oral presentation, its impact is lost soon after the speaker steps down from the podium if a written version of the presentation is not available. The viewgraphs of an oral presentation can be published either beforehand or after-the-fact as a NASA Technical Memorandum or Contractor Report if a short paragraph is attached with each viewgraph. The review process will be similar to a conference paper but less formal. After the technical review comments are incorporated by the author, the report will be submitted to the TPO for final editing and publication. As a Technical Memorandum, the presentation can be referenced by others; it will have a wide distribution; it will be archived by CASI; and, therefore, it will have lasting value. Often papers for NASA workshops and conferences are published in this format as well.

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