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The Dryden Publications Manual

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Publication of articles in journals, such as the Journal of Aircraft or AIAA Journal is encouraged. The requirements for submission to a journal can usually be found in an issue of that journal. Usually, the article being submitted to a journal has already been published as a conference paper or NASA series publication. A DAA is required for a previously unpublished article.

For previously published article, a new DAA is not required. Several copies of the article are usually sent to the journal editor for review by journal reviewers. The reviewers comment on the technical content, importance to the field, conciseness, style/clarity, completeness, and application readiness. They also judge whether it should be published in the journal as a paper or an engineering note, whether it needs a major revision, or if it should be published at all. The author then incorporates the reviewers' comments and adjusts the article length to fit the journal specifications. The article is then reviewed by the author's branch chief with final editing by the TPO.

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