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NASA - Instrumentation Fabrication Branch - Telemetry Group
March 11, 2008

Instrumentation Fabrication Branch - Telemetry Group

Telemetry is the science of gathering data such as speed, angle of attack, position, acceleration, temperature, motion, pressures, and shear loads on a research aircraft and transmitting this information to a distant receiver where it can be interpreted and also recorded for later analysis. The data gathered by the telemetry system are critical to the success of every aeronautical research project, and reliable equipment is needed to keep the telemetry system - from the aircraft to the ground - transmitting and receiving every moment it is needed. The organization that keeps this equipment operating effectively is the Telemetry Group Laboratory.

Telemetry Group Services

The Telemetry Group works with Instrumentation Engineers in the selection, assembly, programming and testing of telemetry systems. Every telemetry system is uniquely configured for a specific program and every research project carried out at Dryden where data is collected involves some assistance from the Telemetry Group.

The Telemetry Lab offers the following services:

  • PCM Encoder programming
  • GPS data downloads and file transfers
  • FTS receiver testing
  • Time Code data uploads
  • C-Band Checkouts
  • PCM format uploads

Additional Services include:

  • The configuration and maintenance of
    • TM transmitters
    • GPS receivers
    • Time Code Generators
    • PCM Encoders
    • C-Band Beacons
    • GPS RF Modems
    • Command Receivers-Decoders (FTS)
    The telemetry group has 3 mobile telemetry vans for remote operations which may be reconfigured for specific projects*. They have the following capabilities:

    • Telemetry Data receiving
    • PCM Data decommutation
    • PCM Data display/recording
    • PCM Data re-transmission
    • Pre/Post Flight and CST monitoring/troubleshooting assistance
    • GPS RF Modem Link Tests

Special note: Advance approval must be obtained from the Branch Chief and Telemetry Group Leader.

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