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Sonic Boom Research Study Recruitment Begins
June 22, 2011

Two NASA Dryden F/A-18s in flight.The sonic boom research will use NASA Dryden F/A-18s. NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center is soliciting Edwards Air Force Base residents to participate in an upcoming sonic boom research study.

Though the study will start in the fall, 100 volunteers are being sought now in the effort to collect data on individuals' responses and attitudes toward sonic booms produced by aircraft in supersonic flight over Edwards. The data collected will contribute to the design of future, quieter supersonic aircraft.

Using standardized survey questions, each participant will be asked to complete a short questionnaire survey every time they hear any sonic boom while on base. In keeping with the "There's an app for that" age, the surveys will be administered via an application compatible with Apple mobile devices. For this, a smart phone will be lent to some participants for the duration of the study. Additionally, a web-based form and good old-fashioned paper forms will also be available.

Those interested in participating in the study will undergo a preliminary phone or Web interview via the study's website in order for researchers to collect more detailed information on the amount of time individuals are typically home during the day.

Participants must live on base, be at least 18 years old and be home at least part of the day during the week. NASA Dryden is hoping to recruit at least 50 of the desired 100 participants by Aug. 1. Each participant will receive a token of appreciation from NASA.

"Understanding residents' responses to sonic booms is very important to NASA," Cliatt said. "We are looking for at least 100 base residents during a time of high base turnover, so it is very important to get as many volunteers as possible."

For more information about the research study and whether you are eligible, please call 1-800-454-5070 or e-mail Chelsea.merchant@tetratech.com or visit http://www.NASABoomStudy.com

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