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More Edwards Residents Needed for Sonic Boom Study
August 4, 2011

Two NASA Dryden F/A-18s in flight.The sonic boom research will use NASA Dryden F/A-18s. More than 50 residents of Edwards Air Force Base have volunteered to participate in a research study on their impressions of sonic booms to be conducted by NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center this fall. However, more Edwards' residents are needed for the study, which was kicked off in late June, to make the study a success.

Residents of Edwards AFB who participate in the study will be asked to complete short questionnaire surveys when they notice sonic booms while on base. The research will help engineers understand how individuals experience sonic booms and will contribute valuable information to the design of supersonic aircraft.

According to Larry Cliatt, NASA Dryden's principal investigator for the study, response by Edwards Air Force Base residents has been enthusiastic and the research team is delighted to have over 50 people register so far-half the number of participants needed. Base residents who are at least 18 years old and at home at least part of the day during the week are encouraged to visit http://www.NASABoomStudy.com to register.

More information about the research is available at: Sonic Boom Research Study Recruitment Begins

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