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NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver visits Dryden
February 23, 2011

NASA deputy administrator Lori Garver is greeted by Dryden center director David McBride.NASA deputy administrator Lori Garver is greeted by Dryden center director David McBride as she deplanes at the NASA Dryden ramp. (NASA photos / Tony Landis)
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NASA deputy administrator Lori Garver updated Dryden employees on NASA's outlook for the next few years during a town hall presentation before a packed house Feb. 22.

Garver, who was on a whirlwind tour of NASA facilities in California, updated Dryden staff on the agency's Fiscal Year 2012 budget request and how it relates to the direction given by Congress in the NASA Authorization Act of 2010. While noting that the agency is still operating under a congressional continuing resolution from the prior fiscal year, she pointed out that NASA's budget request for FY12 is $400 million less than that proposed for Fiscal 2011, which Congress has yet to act upon.

"You play a key role in our budget," Garver told Dryden staff. Despite the budgetary challenges, she said the agency is aligned with the nation's goals and will "do the things that no one else can do." Those tasks include supporting the International Space Station, stabilizing the aeronautics budget, an emphasis on space technologies, work toward future exploration systems, and conducting unique earth science missions that will, in her words, "benefit the future of humanity."

Lori Garver outlined NASA's current goals during her presentation at Dryden.Garver outlined NASA's current goals in keeping with the 2010 NASA Authorization Act during her presentation at Dryden. (NASA photos / Tony Landis)
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In addition to her stop at Dryden, Garver participated in town hall employee presentations and media briefings at NASA's Ames Research Center in Northern California, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and with the Glory satellite launch team at Vandenberg Air Force Base during the two-day excursion.

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