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Elevating Aeronautics to Middle School Students
July 28, 2010

Aeronautics workshop students view NASA's F-15B research aircraft.Elevating Aeronautics workshop students got to see NASA's F-15B research aircraft and one of NASA's modified 747 space shuttle carrier aircraft across the broad expanse of the aircraft ramp during their tour of NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base. NASA photos by Tom Tschida, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
A small group of incoming seventh-grade students learned how science and mathematics relate to the real world of engineering during a week-long summer workshop at the AERO Institute in Palmdale the third week in July.

Elyssa Bramer and Mary Freudingerview the front end of the engine on NASA's DC-8 flying science laboratory.Soon-to-be seventh-graders Elyssa Bramer and Mary Freudinger get up-close-and-personal with the front end of a CFM-56 engine on NASA's DC-8 flying science laboratory. Under the theme of Elevating Aeronautics, the workshop focused on applying skills in physical science, mathematics, language arts and related academic disciplines to the engineering design process, according to workshop coordinator Sara Cutts. The 16 students applied what they learned by designing, building and then flying foam and balsa gliders, with a flyoff competition July 23 to see which glider could fly the farthest.

As part of the workshop, the soon-to-be seventh-graders were treated to tours of NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards and the Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility in Palmdale on July 22.

The Elevating Aeronautics workshop was sponsored by NASA Dryden's Office of Education in partnership with the AERO Institute as part of NASA's Summer of Innovation educational outreach efforts. The workshop also served as a lead-in to the annual Bohn-Meyer Math Science Odyssey for middle school students planned for later this year.

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