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Exploration and Sustainability Expo Presentations
November 16, 2011

In order of appearance:

MC Dr. Jeffrey Smith

NASA Ames Deputy Chief
Entrepreneurial Initiatives Division

Dr. Yvonne Pendleton
NASA Ames Deputy Associate Director
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Dr. David Morrison
Director NASA Lunar Science Institute
The Moon as a Window on the Earth

Dr. John Hines
Small Spacecraft Mission Directorate
Earth Observation through Small Satellites 80MB

Christopher Perkins
CEO Unimodal
Personal Rapid Transit and the Physical Internet 137MB

Tim Collins
President Kleenspeed Inc.
Electric Race Car Laboratory for EV Research and Development 197MB

Steve Hipskind
NASA Ames Chief Earth Sciences Division
Earth, Wind and Fire (and Water) 76MB

Lunch Speaker: William Berry
Acting President University Associates
Preliminary Sustainable Community Concept 103MB
Dr. John Hogan
NASA Ames Space Bioengineering
Advanced Life Support Systems 100MB

Dr. Khalid M. Al-Ali
Director of Research, Carnegie Mellon Innovations Lab, CMU-Silicon Valley
MAX on Earth and in Space: A NRP Success Story 95MB

Dr. Michael Sims
NASA Ames Intelligence Systems Division
The Applications of NASA Mission Technologies to the Greening of Human Impact 91MB

William Thigpen
NASA Advanced Supercomputing
Supercomputing for Green Technology 109MB

Dr. Eric Becklin
SOFIA Chief Science Advisor
Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy 106MB

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