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Space Grant Education and Enterprise Institute
August 10, 2011





The Space Grant Education and Enterprise Institute a non-profit 501(c)3 organized to enable students of all ethic and financial backgrounds to attain high skill technical and professional careers through education and exciting programs. Space Grant Education and Enterprise Institute creates, facilitates, manages and integrates K-12, college and university and life long learning opportunities built around real world space, land and sea projects.

Aerospace Education, Research and Operations Institute (AERO)
The institute is forming an alliance of Federal and Local Government, Universities and Industry to enable competitive US utilization of Uninhabited Air Vehicles and the National Air Space by: 1) Leveraging the assets of DFRC, government agencies, Space Grant Universities and local industry 2) Creating strategic private/public partnerships and 3) Leveraging the intellectual capital of the academic community.

NASA AMES Education Associates
Education Associates is a NASA program jointly managed under a Cooperative Agreement by NASA ARC and the National Space Grant Foundation. The Space Grant Education and Enterprise Institute provides day-to-day management to provide university students and faculty with experiential learning opportunities in the space sciences, engineering, science administration, and related fields at NASA ARC. Over the past four years, over 400 students and faculty from some 90 different colleges and universities around the nation have participated. They have worked with about 250 different ARC sponsors and mentors on projects in every code of ARC.

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