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Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation
August 10, 2011



Kris Kimel (kkimel@kstc.com)


The Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC) is a private nonprofit organization committed to the advancement of science, technology, entrepreneurship, and innovative economic development in Kentucky. Their specific goals include maximizing basic and applied research, increasing deal flow, building companies, and enhancing learning. KSTC is a founding member of the recently convened Institute for Subsurface Exploration, bringing their state's long-standing expertise with coal mining into the mix.

KSTC's involvement with the Institute spun out of their presence at the NASA Research Park. Their site at the NRP is the organization's only office outside of Kentucky. It places them near NASA and in the heart of Silicon Valley where they can pursue their broader mandate including connecting Kentucky companies with venture capital.

One KSTC project just getting under way is called KentuckySat. This project has brought seven of the state's graduate students to Ames for the summer to plan, build, and launch a CubeSat mission.

KSTC and NASA Ames have executed a Memorandum of Understanding. Its purpose is to collaborate in jointly pursuing research projects in autonomy, automated reasoning, designs for safety, air traffic management, software engineering, human computer interaction, and other areas of information technology.

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