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Pragati Synergetic Research
July 21, 2011



Mala Mehrotra

650-625-0274 / 408-861-0939

Pragati is a woman-owned, small business with a research and development focus on state-of-art semantic mediation tools. Pragati's flagship product is an analysis tool suite called Expozé, which provides the necessary infrastructure for semantic analysis of large unstructured, semi-structured and structured systems. It is a sophisticated human-collaboration analytical tool, built, on one end, to exploit the power of computational machinery, and on the other end, to harness the excellent pattern detection ability of humans. Expoze is as an integrated suite of modules, based on clustering technology, that presents cognitively useful perspectives of software systems to intelligence analysts, knowledge engineers and system integrators in both government (defense, intelligence, NASA) and commercial space.
Available as a stand-alone and as a plug-in to third-party tools, Expozé boosts the effectiveness for solving hard semantic mediation problems. Heuristic modules of Expoze focus on delivering better comprehension, sophisticated search capability, mapping relationships and information extraction capabilities.
Pragati, founded in 1993, has worked on several federal contracts,SBIRs, BAAs and grants with agencies such as, NASA, Air Force, Navy, DARPA, DOT and NSF and the Intelligence Community. The company opened an NRP office in 2005 to expand from its Cupertino base and interact with other small high tech businesses.

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