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Planners Collaborative (Planners West)
June 29, 2011

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Craig Martin


Planners West is the West Coast operating division of Planners Collaborative, Inc. headquartered in Boston, MA. Planners is the prime contractor for the NASA Ames BOATS contract which provides a full range of business, operations, and technical support services to NASA Ames. Planners West management moved to the NRP to provide faster-response support services to their NASA customers and their own contract staff. This proximity results in greater knowledge of our clients' needs so they can be more effectively addressed.

NRP's many amenities influenced our decision to locate in the Park including the attractive campus environment, the nearby recreational facilities (tennis, golf, pool, NASA Lodge). The Park provides a quiet, welcoming environment to staff and clients. Visitors from out-of-town enjoy the short drive to downtown Mountain View, with its many terrific restaurants, shops and nightlife.

Planners and NASA Ames are currently preparing a Space Act Agreement for collaboration in the areas of education, technical research, writing/editing, video and multimedia production, and general communications services.

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