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November 20, 2014





NXAR develops innovative business intelligence applications designed to better manage enterprise risks. It has many years of experience with DocuShare and DocuShare CPX. NXAR has developed custom applications for NASA Ames Research Center, Xerox Corporation, and others. NXAR has executed a Software License Agreement with NASA Ames for NASA's NETMARK, Program Management Tool (PMT), and Query-Based Document Composition software packages. NXAR is incorporating NASA technologies into applications and services to solve difficult content and document-driven business processes. NXAR provides these applications and services along with industry leading enterprise content management (ECM) platforms. NXAR LLC was awarded a subcontract through QSS Group to develop a prototype software system for anomaly consequence evaluation and mitigation. The "ACES" system is to be developed on the NX platform deployed at NASA Ames Research Center. The goal of the prototype is to support critical activities to determine, diagnose and resolve incidents and anomalies that arise during the course of a NASA mission. ACES is designed to support guided information entry and systematic evaluation, reporting for decision-making and situation awareness, search and retrieval across events for future anomaly resolution. It is further designed to support trending, tracking team member action items, and access to appropriate content for local and remote team members. Developed at NXAR, located at the NASA Research Park, the prototype is to be deployed on NASA servers on the Ames Research Center campus.

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