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December 18, 2014





KleenSpeed Technologies Inc. is a leading-edge developer of Lithium-ion Energy Storage technologies for the Automotive and Energy Industries. In operation since 2007, KleenSpeed has been developing Electric Propulsion Technology, Energy Storage Solutions, and proprietary Battery Management Systems. Our main focus is in creating "Smart" Energy Systems in support of the growing global demand for New Energy Generation, and Delivery. Our GenESSys® systems are modular and scale-able designs for Electric Automotive and Energy Storage Applications. At KleenSpeed we are helping to support energy management globally by introducing new systems and methods as the "KleenSpeed Energy Storage Technology Platform." The connected consumer will now be able to manage energy activity with our suite of next-generation products; KleenCloud™, KleenControl™, KleenData™, KleenTrade™, KleenConnect™, KS-Link™ and KS-Mobile™. At KleenSpeed we want to facilitate the access to energy in the most remote places around the World.

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