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April 10, 2012





IntraPoint Inc. is a global enterprise providing leading software solutions for incident, business continuity, emergency, crisis, and disaster management. IntraPoint joined Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley's Disaster Management Initiative (DMI) as a Board level affiliate. The Disaster Management Initiative (DMI) was established at Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley Campus (CMU-SV) in 2009 with a mission to provide open and interoperable next-generation technical solutions for all-hazard multi-jurisdictional disasters. CMU-SV has a Space Act Agreement with NASA Ames to explore commercial grade communication technologies of value to disaster management. IntraPoint will work directly with CMU-SV and the DMI to conduct research focused on methodologies and technologies for early warning signal detection and achieving resilience. In addition, IntraPoint will research other technologies relevant to Enterprise Resilience, such as smart phones, mobile devices, fast ubiquitous communications, social media, wireless sensors, crowd-sourcing, and collaborative information environments.

NASA-related Technical Capability: Mission Science Data Acquisition & Science Data Systems Support

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