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Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation
August 29, 2011

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Rex Ridenoure


Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation ("Ecliptic"), with offices in Pasadena and Moffett Research Park, Calif., is the world's leading supplier of rugged on-board video and imaging systems for use with rockets and spacecraft—its Rocket Cam™ product family. Over 120 RocketCam systems have been launched onboard most U.S. rockets as well as many spacecraft, going out as far as the Moon.

Primarily a space avionics and sensor systems company, Ecliptic also provides a family of capable rocket and spacecraft experiment control and data handling systems, such as one used in 2009 in collaboration with NASA Ames which controlled the entire 9-sensor payload for NASA's very successful LCROSS lunar impactor mission.

Ecliptic also provides engineering, integration and testing support to various CubeSat efforts, control and monitoring systems for experiments on the International Space Station, systems to support in-orbit satellite servicing capabilities, and elements of various satellite hosted payload and launch secondary payload systems.

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