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  • In-progress installation of Verdigris buds

    Verdigris Technologies Plans Smart Grid Shake-Up with Groundbreaking Platform, Building.AI

    02.07.13 - When Mark Chung, founder of Verdigris Technologies, returned from a three-week vacation to find a $500 spike in his electric bill, he was dumbfounded. All he had was a bill from PG&E detailing his aggregate usage for the month. A bevy of questions ran through his head: What was the energy hog? And why was it so hard to figure out?

  • Baby satellites swim in orbit

    AAC Microtec-Supported 1U CubeSat Successfully Launched from ISS

    02.07.13 - TechEdSat is a NASA Ames Research Center 1U CubeSat built by San Jose State University student interns, in partnership with NRP tenant AAC Microtec. AAC Microtec provided the avionics and technical support to the NASA team.

  • Scandu's SCOUT

    From Star Trek to SCOUT: The Story of a Real-World Medical Tricorder

    02.05.13 - The 1960s TV series Star Trek was as popular for its plots as for its imaginary, futuristic technologies. One of those 23rd century technologies, the tricorder, is becoming a 21st century reality.

  • A prototype of a lunar rover by Astrobiotic Technology

    Race to Space: The Profit Motive

    Entrepreneurs are lining up for liftoff and are hoping to cash in big

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  • Vasper Systems

    New Workout Gets Attention From Bay Area Athletes, NASA

    02.28.12 - Exercise programs that make bold claims is nothing new. But a new kind of workout has grabbed the attention of Bay Area athletes, rescuers and NASA scientists.

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  • Vasper logo

    Is Vasper really the exercise of the future?

    02.06.12 - Get 2 hours of exercise in just 20 minutes. It sounds like a dream come true for anyone who has struggled with weight loss, churned through countless diets, and spent hour after hour at the gym...

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  • The Sun

    Seeing the Big (and Small) Picture: Panoramic Tool Lets Users Observe Dynamic Imagery

    11.17.11 - New imagery available through Carnegie Mellon's GigaPan Time Machine lets users move in space and time to explore the sun, a beehive or the chlorophyll content of the oceans.

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  • The Picorover

    Google, NASA work together on space exploration

    11.16.11 - Who knew the basic design of a moon rover could be found at your local pet shop?

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  • Dr. Martin Griss

    Disaster Recovery: Improving Smartphone Communications

    02.01.12 - Martin Griss, director of Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley and the Disaster Management Initiative, explains how to build technologies that will make a difference for individuals and their communities. He spoke at NASA's Disaster Resiliency Panel held at Moffett Field in Mountain View, Calif.

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  • Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley logo

    Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Disaster Management Initiative

    02.09.11 - The Disaster Management Initiative (DMI) was established at Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley (CMUSV) in 2009 with a mission to provide open and interoperable next-generation technical solutions for all-hazard multi-jurisdictional disasters.

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  • FutureMed logo

    FutureMed Executive Program at Singularity University

    03.21.11 - The FutureMed Singularity University Executive Program educates, informs and prepares physicians and senior healthcare executives to understand and recognize the opportunities and disruptive influences of exponentially growing technologies within medicine and healthcare, and to understand how many rapidly developing and converging fields affect the future of clinical practice and the biomedical industry.

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  • m2mi and Joyent logos

    Joyent and m2mi to Provide Network Automation and M2M Services

    02.09.11 - Joyent and Machine-To-Machine Intelligence (m2mi) to provide Network Automation, M2M Services and Secure Provisioning for Cloud Computing Solutions

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  • Bloom Energy

    NASA Hallmark of Success Video: Bloom Energy

    10.04.10 - Bloom Energy, a company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, is changing the way the world generates and consumes energy. Their unique on-site power generation systems utilize an innovative new fuel cell technology with roots in NASA's Mars program.

  • Kentucky Space logo

    Bluegrass Space: Kentucky Space Launches Satellite

    07.26.10 - The launch of Kentucky’s first satellite, which is scheduled to travel into orbit in November with NASA’s Glory climate monitoring spacecraft, will mark an important milestone for Kentucky Space, a nonprofit consortium of universities and public and private organizations based in Lexington.

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  • Singularity University logo

    Singularity University: Graduate Studies Program 2010 Opening Ceremonies

    06.29.10 - On June 19, Singularity University welcomed its second Graduate Studies Program class of 80 students to their summer home at the NASA Research Park for an intensive, ten-week program. The program is designed to facilitate understanding and collaboration across a set of rapidly advancing scientific and technological disciplines whose developments are exponentially accelerating.

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  • SkyTran pod

    Future Possibilities for SkyTran

    05.27.10 - Sleek, fast, personal and solar-powered, SkyTran looks like the future of transportation. NASA Ames researchers, seeing its significant potential as a feeder system to other transit networks such as Bart and high-speed rail are collaborating on its creation pro-bono.

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  • Kleenspeed President and founder Tim Collins

    KleenSpeed's All-Electric Car for $20,000

    05.27.10 - Armed with expertise gained from pushing electric car technology to the limit in race cars, NASA Ames-based Kleenspeed is announcing plans to develop an affordable electric passenger car for mass production.

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  • KR Sridhar, Co-Founder and CEO of Bloom Energy

    Bloom Energy: "This Is Brand New"

    04.23.11 - K. R. Sridhar spent years building technologies for NASA that could sustain life on Mars. Now, as CEO of Bloom Energy, he's trying to perfect a device that could improve life on Earth.

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  • reQall logo

    reQall, Evernote work together to retrieve your notes

    09.17.09 - A pair of productivity powerhouses are sharing their superpowers in a partnership that would make the Wonder Twins envious. reQall and Evernote announced the other day that users of their respective products will be able to easily share, link, and find information across their services.

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  • Wind generator and communications hardware

    Green Trail Energy: Power Droids at Desert RATS

    09.17.09 - A pair of productivity powerhouses are sharing their superpowers in a partnership that would make the Wonder Twins envious. reQall and Evernote announced the other day that users of their respective products will be able to easily share, link, and find information across their services.

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