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NASA Research Park
June 13, 2012
Aerial view of NASA Research Park

In 1991 the Navy closed and vacated the Naval Air Station at Moffett Field under Congressional order of the Base Realignment and Closure Act. NASA negotiated custody of most Navy property under the framework of the 1949 Federal Property Administrative Services Act. The Department of Defense retained control of 140 acres of military housing. In 1994, the Department of the Navy transferred 1,500 acres to NASA, creating a unique opportunity for NASA to provide stewardship for the entire 2,000 acre site, all acreage except the military housing.

Prior to this transfer, NASA prepared a Moffett Field Comprehensive Use Plan to manage the newly expanded Ames. An Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact accompanied this plan. The neighboring cities of Mountain View and Sunnyvale formed a Community Advisory Committee in 1996 to provide input to NASA about the best reuses of Moffett Field. NASA Ames created a six point initiative clarifying goals and reuse concepts for the transformation of the former naval base. After extensive outreach, the Community Advisory Committee endorsed NASA's six-point initiative.

In 1998 NASA unveiled its visionary concept for a shared-use R & D and education campus to support collaboration among government, industry, academia and non-profit organizations. This concept, consistent with the recommendations of the Community Advisory Committee and NASA's six-point initiative, evolved into the NASA Ames Development Plan.

In 2003 this plan to transform part of the former Naval Air Station into the NASA Research Park received the 2003 General Services Administration Achievement Award for Real Property Innovation.

"We have developed this outstanding plan to transform part of a naval base into a world-class, shared use R & D and education campus with universities, industry and non-profits. The NASA Research Park will benefit both NASA and the nation. NASA is very pleased to receive this major government-wide award."

–Center Director

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