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Engineering Evaluation Laboratory
The Engineering Evaluation Laboratory (EEL) has over 35 years of experience supporting the Center, the Agency, and numerous industry clients in material, mechanical, and environmental testing.

Future Exploration programs will require extensive testing of prototype and flight hardware to verify performance and requirements satisfaction. Ames expertise in design, performance, and documentation of tests will be instrumental in fulfilling these objectives.

eng eval labThe Ames Engineering Evaluation Lab provides a wide range of testing services to the Center, the Agency, industry, and academia. In existence since 1967, it is home to several highly skilled and experienced test engineers, as well as an extensive suite of advanced testing equipment.

Image right: These are numerous test capabilities in the Engineering Evaluation Laboratory.

The EEL is a customer- and quality-oriented lab, as is evidenced by our consistently high customer satisfaction ratings. We work closely with our customers to define, plan, perform, and report results that meet their needs. If the methodology does not exist, we’ll invent it!

Areas of Expertise
  • ASTM standard tests for metallic materials to determine mechanical, fatigue, and fracture toughness properties.
  • ASTM standard tests for composite materials to determine mechanical, thermal, fatigue, creep, bond strength, fracture toughness, and sandwich core properties.
  • Design of test articles, test set-ups, and test plans for complex metallic, composite, and hybrid systems.
  • Failure analysis of metallic and non-metallic systems, including materials characterization, corrosion degradation and simulation, load history analysis, design analysis, fabrication characterization, environmental exposure analysis, and material properties verification.
Test Capabilities
  • Structural static and fatigue testing and monitoring:
    Strain gauging, dynamic data acquisition and analysis, modal and spectral analysis, load testing.
  • Environmental testing:
    Vibration, temperature, humidity, immersion, pressure/altitude, vacuum, high G centrifuge & shock impact testing.
  • Calibration and other capabilities:
    Calibration of accelerometers, pressure transducers, inclinometers, rate/gyros, temperature sensors, microphones; distance, angle and force measurement.